Oculus' Hugo Barra Unboxes the new Oculus Go

Oculus' Hugo Barra Unboxes the new Oculus Go

Oculus' Hugo Barra Unboxes the new Oculus Go

With a starting price of $199 United States dollars, the Oculus Go sits firmly between Gear VR and Oculus Rift, offering around two hours of gameplay on a single charge, and thanks to compatibility with the Gear VR platform there are plenty of apps and videogames to play straight away. There's something so much more rewarding about just being able to hit a power button and dive into VR without navigating phone and PC menus, fumbling with hardware and dealing with constant updates.

Towards the end of 2017, Facebook's Oculus announced the Oculus Go. The headset's design echoes that and the experience once you jump in.

With over 1,000 apps, games and experiences available at launch, there will be plenty to play when your Oculus Go arrives.

There have been various solutions in the past to get cheap VR into the hands of consumers. Alongside the Go headset itself, you also get an AA battery-powered controller for selecting content, shooting at virtual foes and, erm, other things. F8's official site now asks you to sign up to be emailed a link to the stream, but we're sure a public link will be made available as we get closer to kick off. What I did love was the fact that Oculus enlarged the space inside the headset to account for users who wear glasses, removing yet another small point of friction and making the Go friendlier to more users.

That architecture has helped Facebook and Oculus keep the price down, of course, but it has also forced some compromises.

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