Horner blasts Ricciardo and Verstappen after Baku barney

Horner blasts Ricciardo and Verstappen after Baku barney

Horner blasts Ricciardo and Verstappen after Baku barney

"We let the drivers race and then they are doing that".

Earlier in the race in Baku, Verstappen appeared to drift across on the corner after Ricciardo passed him, with their front wheels hitting.

"They both recognise that they screwed up today and will be apologising to the team and to all members of the team", said Horner, who was left speechless immediately after the pair crashed in the closing laps of Sunday's chaotic race won by defending world champion Lewis Hamilton.

"As unfortunate as it is, when you have two closely matched drivers, incidents will occur from time to time, and Red Bull have no plans to stop letting their drivers race each other - as long as they promise to keep it clean from here on in", Horner said.

"I would bring them in the office together with Toto and tell them how much less they will get paid because of the damage they have done", said the F1 legend. Unfortunately this was the culmination of two guys taking things into their own hands which shouldn't have happened. We are not apportioning blame one way or the other, but they are both to blame for this.

"We will discuss it prior to Barcelona, but we want to continue to allow the drivers to race".

Max Verstappen has admitted both he and team mate Daniel Ricciardo may have been "eager" to go wheel to wheel in Baku.

The Red Bull crash triggered an explosive response from the Red Bull management with Christian Horner reportedly raging after the incident and Adrian Newey seen on TV walking away in disgust.

This isn't the first instance of Red Bull's clashing out on track.

Horner said the team didn't consider pitting Verstappen or Ricciardo to get them out of each other's way: "You try to do your best as a team and you don't want to penalise one driver over the other, so we tried to give them the optimal strategy".

Many think Ricciardo was to blame as he rear-ended Verstappen, but F1 legend Niki Lauda said it was the Dutchman with "70%" of the fault, by moving under braking.

At last season's Hungarian Grand Prix, the team-mates collided on the opening lap after Verstappen clumsily made a lunge down the inside.

"We don't want to interfere with them going wheel-to-wheel". "Once again I'm just sorry we are all in this situation when everyone has worked so hard to give us a good vehicle". "We've let them race hard against each other and unfortunately it has resulted in the worst possible scenario where you've had both drivers make contact and retire from the grand prix".

"I think both of them will have taken invaluable lessons from today". "Of course the team was not happy about it, but we were not that happy about it either".

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