AAA Michigan: Gas Prices Remain Flat

AAA Michigan: Gas Prices Remain Flat

AAA Michigan: Gas Prices Remain Flat

GasBuddy had the national average down less than a cent to $2.80 a gallon, while AAA had the average at $2.813, the same as last week.

GasBuddy analyzed gas price data from the period of January through March 2018 and found that the first day of the work week offers the lowest average gas price in 21 states, making it the best day to fill-up.

The auto club said early Monday that the average price for self-serve regular unleaded gasoline was about $2.85 per gallon, roughly the same as last week's average.

Today's Virginia average is $2.62 per gallon, which is the same as last week, an increase of 15 cents in the last month and 45 cents higher than one year ago.

From 2017 to 2018, some USA states have witnessed an increase of almost 70 cents at gas stations. Florida's average fell one cent to $2.73 on Sunday, but that's up 35 cents compared to this time previous year. "While at least nine states have hit the $3/gallon mark, AAA does not expect the national average to reach $3/gallon this year".

"Crude oil prices are topping 70 dollars a barrel this morning and pushing up prices at the pump once again", said Robert Sinclair, Manager of Media Relations for AAA Northeast.

MI is 16th in the country for most expensive average daily gas price. The survey of prices was conducted by AAA Northeast.

In Connecticut, gas averages $2.95 a gallon in Greater Hartford, up from $2.71 a month ago and $2.48 a year ago.

The rise in gas prices has slowed substantially in the last week in some places, with 15 states seeing gas prices move lower versus last week. "Having a tank of gas last until Sunday or even Monday each week can collectively save drivers $2.6 billion, and spare the headache of not being able to find an available pump". The threat that the president may pull out of the Iran treaty and reimpose sanctions against the Islamic Republic could push oil up by as much as $10 a barrel.

NY still remains above the national average of $2.81/gallon.

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