Armenian parliament elects protest leader Nikol Pashinian as prime minister

Armenian parliament elects protest leader Nikol Pashinian as prime minister

Armenian parliament elects protest leader Nikol Pashinian as prime minister

Armenia's parliament has election opposition lawmaker Nikol Pashinian because the nation's new prime minister.

The party that holds the majority of seats in Armenia's parliament says it now considers itself the opposition and won't cooperate with the new government.

Pashinyan, born in 1975, spearheaded a protest movement that first forced veteran leader Serzh Sarksyan to step down as prime minister and then pressured the ruling party to abandon attempts to block his election as prime minister, the country's most powerful post. That vote follows a concession in which the majority party said it would put forth a candidate itself, but would vote for whichever figure was nominated by a third of the deputies.

Pashinyan was the only candidate for prime minister.

But governance changes that in tandem bolstered the prime minister's office led to accusations that Mr Sargsyan had manipulated the constitution to cling to power. The previous Prime Minister Serzh Sargsyan resigned amid mass demonstrations of opposition supporters. "God willing, you will dispel the lingering concerns of the HHK faction", said Baghdasarian".

A year later Pashinian was elected to the National Assembly on the ticket of Ter-Petrosian's Armenian National Congress (HAK).

Nikol Pashinyan was a famous journalist in Armenia Editor-in-Chief of opposition newspaper "Haykakan Jamanak" (Armenian Times). Pashinyan also promised that there would be no persecution in the country for political and economic reasons. "This process should continue, in line with the wishes of the Armenian people", Jagland said. "People want to protest now against the mayor of Yerevan", he said. "Jobs will appear, people will return, corruption will disappear", said demonstrator Tigran Azizian, a 42-year-old city subway worker.

"This is a real test case for Russia's politics in the former Soviet Republics", said Chatham House's Broers.

In a statement issued Tuesday, Russian President Vladimir Putin congratulated Pashinyan on his victory.

"Prime ministers will come and go", he told a rally in Yerevan. "And for me, my goal isn't to become prime minister".

Both Bright Armenia and Republic refused to support Pashinian when he embarked on his campaign aimed at preventing Sarkisian from becoming prime minister and thus extending his decade-long rule.

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