Google Maps will soon give you better recommendations

Google Maps will soon give you better recommendations

Google Maps will soon give you better recommendations

Google Maps will be able to update faster and more accurately, thanks to having access directly from satellite feeds and camera archives, allowing more rural places and places that have changing infrastructure to be updated faster.

"Your match" is a new fourth tab in Google Maps on Android and iOS.

Through the power of AI, google will suss out the best of the best and give users the most meaningful and most full perspective through a newly revamped Google News feature.

Google wants to make Maps a more personal experience.

The idea, according to Google Maps Senior Product Manager Sophia Lin, is that "in addition to helping you get where you need to go, we'll help you discover new places to eat and things to do around you". This number is meant to represent how well you might like a place based on a variety of information gathered by Google, including what you've rated and visited in the past, your drink and food preferences, and other variables.

The new "For you" tab is the best way to stay on top of the latest and greatest happening in the areas you're into.

Meanwhile, Google Maps is adding new augmented reality features.

It uses a combination of the camera, Street View and visual location technology to know exactly where you are so that when you hold up your phone, you effectively see your directions floating ahead. A "Your Match" score will differentiate from the typical star ratings based on said interests.

There's also a new group planning feature that lets you add places to a list that can be shared with other people, who then vote on where the group should go.

Finally, Google is also launching new tools to help you get around in Navigation. If you've ever wandered around in circles trying to figure out which direction your little blue dot was moving in the Maps app, this is for you.

Instead of a top-down map, users will be able to see the street in front of them through the camera, with an AR overlay arrow pointing the direction and distance.

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