Orrin Hatch: It's 'Ridiculous' For McCain To Bar Trump From His Funeral

Orrin Hatch: It's 'Ridiculous' For McCain To Bar Trump From His Funeral

Orrin Hatch: It's 'Ridiculous' For McCain To Bar Trump From His Funeral

The Arizona senator and the president have fought on multiple occasions.

The pair have a less-than-friendly relationship after Trump's sarcastic remarks about McCain's Vietnam past and the dispute over Obamacare.

He has also been planning his funeral, telling aids that he wants former presidents George W. Bush and Barack Obama to speak at the service, according to an NBC News report published Saturday.

As we hear of President Donald Trump's latest revelations regarding his medical history - at least as he writes it - we again ponder the so-called bone spurs in his feet that allowed him to avoid the Vietnam War draft.

"Well, he's the president of the United States and he's a very good man".

"I'd like everybody to take a collective breath and chill out on my dad for a second - especially Orrin Hatch", Meghan McCain said Tuesday, speaking on ABC's "The View", a program she co-hosts.

Republican Sen. Utah Orrin Hatch told reporters Monday it was "ridiculous" that fellow Republican Sen.

McCain has been battling a deadly form of brain cancer at his home near Sedona.

"He's not a war hero". The 81-year-old senator later returned to work despite his condition, but he left Washington, D.C.in December and has so far been unable to return. "I said I would". He is now back in Arizona, recovering from surgery for an intestinal infection. For some reason, McCain shared these wishes with family and friends, and it has turned into morbid headline news. "The appearance of toughness, or a reality show facsimile of toughness, seems to matter more than any of our values".

Hatch also sent a letter to McCain personally apologizing for his comments. And maybe he's justified in feeling that way I don't know.

"He's doing really good, making jokes, talking, standing, you know, doing a great recovery", Meghan McCain said after spending a long weekend with her father.

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