9/11 'mastermind' wants to share info on Central Intelligence Agency director nominee Gina Haspel

9/11 'mastermind' wants to share info on Central Intelligence Agency director nominee Gina Haspel

9/11 'mastermind' wants to share info on Central Intelligence Agency director nominee Gina Haspel

Yet, that wasn't satisfactory. They were not satisfied with what they called legalistic responses from Haspel. The Justice Department also investigated, but no charges were filed. Yet, in all, her hearing was not bad.

"You have the unique experience one only gains from growing up in the CIA", said Intelligence Committee Chairman Sen.

But she did not say she would refuse an order to use waterboarding, a form of simulated drowning, to get answers from a terrorism suspect.

Haspel largely ducked questions about whether the C.I.A. acted morally when it did use the technique, and later destroyed videotapes of controversial interrogation methods.

"Senator, I - I don't believe that torture works", Haspel said. City Commission member Marty Gute, whose family has been in Ashland for generations, and who also knows a lot of people in Ashland, doesn't know her either.

Bush administration lawyers at the time were adamantly opposed to the tapes' destruction, but Rodriguez believed they would cause irreparable harm to the agency.

In addition to Wyden and King, Democratic Sens.

A top Democrat on the committee, senator Dianne Feinstein from California, said she had been "disappointed in certain answers". The more nettlesome questions about her past conduct remain only partially answered.

Kentucky's Sen. Rand Paul is the only Republican expected to vote against the nomination, and Sen.

Republican Sen. Susan Collins of ME notes that the president as a candidate repeatedly expressed his support for waterboarding. As a career spy who spent most of her life outside the USA, not much else is known about Haspel's private life, except she's reportedly a fan of Kentucky Wildcat basketball and Johnny Cash classics. "I can not support Acting Director Haspel's decorated career with Central Intelligence Agency without also condoning her involvement in the destruction of videotapes showing detainee interrogations", King said in a statement explaining his decision to oppose her nomination. The biggest news, as predicted, was Haspel's pledge to not allow a restart of "enhanced interrogation techniques" now explicitly barred by law and executive order, although she mainly parried attempts to pin her down on the morality of those policies.

More than 100 former United States ambassadors have sent a letter to the Senate opposing Ms Haspel's appointment. Well, sure, that's the least she needed to say.

"In my view - a view shared by all nine former directors and acting directors - the CIA was able to collect valuable intelligence that contributed to the prevention of further terrorist attacks". Again, would there be such opposition if Obama were in office, or any Democrat for that matter? "She was an extraordinary woman and our No. 1 Al-Qaida officer", Haspel recounted. As a junior in high school, Gina came home and told her dad that she had figured out what she wanted to do with her life: she was going to attend West Point. Haspel ran a covert site where such questioning took place, reportedly in Thailand. She would replace Mike Pompeo, who was recently confirmed by the Senate as the new secretary of State.

Nearly more alarming than Haspel's past are the attempts by the C.I.A. and the White House to fold the legacies of Bush-era programs back into the mechanisms of mainstream governance: to present them as patriotism that went too far; necessary transgressions that are inconveniently condemned by global law. Kamala Harris, who noted that President Donald Trump has said he believes torture works. Jack Reed (D-RI) seemed to compare our intelligence operatives to the terrorists we're trying to defeat.

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