Giuliani: Trump 'Encouraging Me to Do More' Interviews

Giuliani: Trump 'Encouraging Me to Do More' Interviews

Giuliani: Trump 'Encouraging Me to Do More' Interviews

President Donald Trump's supporters are "much more excited" about voting in the midterm elections because of the ongoing investigation into Russian election interference, former NY mayor Rudy Giuliani said Monday. I try to keep them under control, I just did one on Sunday, given though we had about four requests.

Although the president has not publicly affronted Giuliani, Trump's allies have reportedly grown wary of his off-script interviews.

Ever since Rudy Giuliani was hired as President Donald Trump's attorney, he has frequently made headlines.

Scarborough sarcastically responded on Thursday: "I think Willie [Geist] and I were knighted by the Queen of England". The last client that Giuliani represented in a court was well over a decade ago and that was the opiod industry who ended up paying more than $600 million because Giuliani couldn't get him off the hook.

Scarborough suggested Trump's recent comments about his new legal team member may mean Giuliani is already close to being booted out of the White House.

Scarborough went on to cite sources saying that the controversy posed an "existential threat to the presidency".

He also managed to voice a confident-sounding, if wholly fictitious, rationale for Trump to stonewall special counsel Robert Mueller.

Colbert also marveled that "Rudy was so all over the place that Stephanopoulos couldn't even confirm that Trump and Stormy Daniels knew each other".

Why did Trump deny knowledge of the payment on Air Force One on April 5?

Press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders said she first learned that Trump reimbursed Cohen during Giuliani's interview.

Giuliani then went on "Fox & Friends" the next day and mused about the level of damage that could have been done to the campaign had Daniels been allowed to go public with those allegations in the weeks leading up to the election.

"We got Kim Jong Un impressed enough to be releasing three prisoners today", Giuliani told Fox News.

Giuliani released a statement Friday saying there was "no campaign violation" because the payment was not made for a campaign objective but to protect Trump's family.

Meanwhile, Cohen had claimed he never told Trump about the payment, and Trump never reimbursed him.

Giuliani, the former NY attorney general, has long supported Donald Trump, but is it time the two part ways?

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