Israel kicks off US Embassy celebration in Jerusalem, boosts border force

Israel kicks off US Embassy celebration in Jerusalem, boosts border force

Israel kicks off US Embassy celebration in Jerusalem, boosts border force

Yes, the folks at FC Beitar Jerusalem claim the tribute to the American president is down to him formally recognising Jerusalem as Israel's capital.

"I am honored to join the distinguished delegation representing President Trump, his Administration, and the American people at this momentous ceremony commemorating the opening of our new US Embassy in Jerusalem, Israel", she wrote.

Thousands of Palestinians are expected to protest against the move from across the occupied Palestinian territories on Monday, including the Gaza Strip as part of the Great March of Return.

Kicking off the festivities, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is hosting a reception on Sunday at the Foreign Affairs ministry for some 800 invitees, including 40 ambassadors.

On Monday, the U.S. will officially open its embassy in Jerusalem in a move that is expected to spark protests across the region.

Abbas wants east Jerusalem to be the capital of a Palestinian state that would include the other war-won territories. He said the United States "is there to help the Palestinians" and "there is no basis" to think the embassy move will work against peace.

However, dozens of other foreign diplomats are expected, including representatives from Hungary, Romania and the Czech Republic - countries which reportedly blocked a joint European Union statement on the issue.

Thousands of police officers were deployed throughout the Jerusalem districts to thwart any Palestinian protests and riots.

Rival Palestinian faction Fatah, led by the Palestinian Authority in Ramallah that governs parts of the occupied West Bank, signed a reconciliation agreement with Hamas under Egypt's auspices in October 2017, but the terms of the agreement signed in the Egyptian capital have not been implemented.

The status of Jerusalem goes to the heart of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Israeli snipers have killed dozens and wounded more than 1,700 when firing on demonstrators in past rallies, according to Gazan health officials. "Congratulations to all!" Trump tweeted on Friday.

Sunday's celebrations coincided with Israel's "Jerusalem Day", the 51st anniversary of what it refers to the city's "unification" during the 1967 Mideast war.

He has argued that it helps make peace possible by taking Jerusalem "off the table", but many have pointed out he has not announced concessions in return from Israel.

There were already tensions in the weeks before the embassy move.

Israel says it has a right to defend its border and has accused Hamas of using the protests as a cover for attacking it.

Israel has portrayed the movement as a "terrorist" ploy by Hamas and as a security threat to its civilians, pointing out attempts to damage and breach the fence.

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