Spin unseen on TV behind Daniel Ricciardo time loss

Spin unseen on TV behind Daniel Ricciardo time loss

Spin unseen on TV behind Daniel Ricciardo time loss

Daniel Ricciardo has had an eventful start to the 2018 Formula One season, to say the least.

But Ricciardo and team-mate Max Verstappen had no answer to the pace of the Mercedes. Obviously, Friday paints one picture but you're never really sure what's going to happen.

"Q3 I think we [Verstappen] both put in a good lap on the supers, which I don't think was our preferred tyre, just the way the vehicle is feeling this weekend I felt the softs were better so that is why I went for them in the second part of Q3".

Verstappen said: "If maybe you say Baku again, I think at one point the team will may be tell us to calm down a bit and just follow each other, in the last few laps, I don't know. How competitive we are is still a bit hard to say, we really have to wait until tomorrow".

"Q3 I think we both put in a strong lap on the supers (super softs), which wasn't, I don't think was our preferred tire".

"The vehicle felt pretty different straight away, and I think that showed", said Ricciardo. "I don't know. We'll try".

Ricciardo suggested the different feel of the auto was a contributing factor to his Turn 4 crash during the first session.

But after the race, Ricciardo revealed a problem on Turn 10 that hadn't been caught by the television cameras and cost him the opportunity at a podium finish.

"We can still make the vehicle a bit better, so that's encouraging". "We don't have that power mode and especially now that from turn one until turn four it's flat-out".

Like his team mate, Verstappen was also unsure how things stood in terms of which tyre compounds were performing better here this weekend, or what the strategy will be for the race.

The 28-year-old has finished just three of the races, forced into retirement in both Bahrain and Azerbaijan - the latter of which was a result of a collision with Verstappen - but he's recorded the fastest lap time in each of the three he finished. "I chose the supersoft, Daniel went on the soft". Honestly I haven't seen really.

"I don't think many people will choose the supersoft". Because we crashed. Even if I had an opinion on it, we still crashed.

"Just fast but not with the ease to be able to do it for consistent laps for the whole race".

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