Hearing restaurant workers speak Spanish sends NY lawyer on racist rant

Hearing restaurant workers speak Spanish sends NY lawyer on racist rant

Hearing restaurant workers speak Spanish sends NY lawyer on racist rant

Schlossberg came under fire after a video of him lashing out at Spanish-speaking employees in a midtown Manhattan restaurant went viral.

Aaron continued his ugly tirade by saying, "I paid for my welfare, I pay for their ability to live here. The least they can do, the least they can do is speak English!"

An online fundraiser seeking $500 to hire a mariachi band "to cheer up the staff and attorneys at The Law Office of Aaron M. Schlossberg Esq. I'm gonna call the police", Schlossberg yelled at the man in a confrontation that was later uploaded to YouTube.

The video shows he then turned his attention on them, threatening to call ICE -- and made a remark about Serrano's weight -- before walking out of the restaurant.

Schlossberg's bio on his website says he focuses on commercial and insurance coverage issues.

That man, Willie Morris, said he was taking a stroll with his girlfriend and was flabbergasted.

"This is the most linguistically diverse city", he said, "not only in the world but in the history of the world". I have never seen anything like this in the restaurant before'.

Last May, he was caught yelling names at pro-Palestinian protesters. So my next call is going to be to ICE to have each one of them kicked out of my country. I'm a citizen here.

In commentary afterward, Morris said he was born in MA, and he held up his USA passport.

Because we've not independently confirmed the identity of the man at this point, we're not naming him yet, but we're ready to assume he's a lawyer anyway just based on his smugly belligerent attitude. He has not publicly commented on the Fresh Kitchen video.

"I think the most serious discipline he could face would be a private admonition if he has a clean record", he wrote.

A worker told ABC News after: 'This is New York City, everybody is different here, everybody has different opinions and some people have a hatred mind. Saul said there was a protest against Sarsour just outside his office, and notable anti-Islam activist Pamela Geller and far-right personality Milo Yiannopoulos attended.

In one, filmed in May 2017, shows Mr Schlossberg with other Trump supporters swearing at a group of ultra-Orthodox Jews who opposed the state of Israel.

But he said he will not announce the day or time given that there are counter-protestors who want to crash it.

But despite the outrage, Schlossberg is unlikely to be disbarred. He also flips his middle finger at the counterprotesters. The irony of all of this is that if this is the guy we suspect... he claims to be fluent in Spanish. "I've been to Israel twice".

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