The Great Debate: Kneeling for the National Anthem

The Great Debate: Kneeling for the National Anthem

The Great Debate: Kneeling for the National Anthem

Tell the world that it is impossible to win this one [against me]. "This one lifts me", Trump continued. Under the new policy, players and league personnel on the sideline will be required to stand during the national anthem.

Miami Dolphins owner Stephen Ross said Trump's statement "changed the dialogue".

The deposition of Jones and Ross came in response to a grievance filed by Colin Kaepernick against the National Football League after the quarterback remained unsigned through the 2017 season.

Kaepernick became the first player to sit and later kneel during the anthem as a way of protesting police brutality and racial injustice.

The league's new anthem policy. the blackballing of Kaep. the unwillingness to sign fellow anthem kneeler Eric Reid - Geragos says it all stems from POTUS. What's more, he argued, several owners have "testified that Trump and/or Kaepernick's position regarding the national anthem influenced their hiring practices".

DeMaurice Smith, executive director of the National Football League Players Association, tweeted his distaste towards the ruling: "History has taught us that both patriotism and protest are like water; if the force is strong enough it can not be suppressed". When the news was announced, Smith took to Twitter and said the protests were misinterpreted as being disrespectful. But thus far, the debates about player protests have manifested as labor disputes.

He said: "I think it could stir things up, which is the problem because you're stirring things up because you've been told to be quiet".

In an appearance on the sports law podcast Straight Aim, Colin Kaepernick's lawyer Mark Geragos said he has testimony from an National Football League owner that proves there was collusion against the quarterback. It has been pitched as a unanimous decision but Geragos told Amy Dash on her podcast that is not at all the case.

The NFL Players Association spoke out against the owners meeting and stated they would challenge any aspect of it that is inconsistent with the collective bargaining agreement. "Yeah. Well, bingo", Geragos said.

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