Apple Watch can now play podcasts, become a walkie-talkie

Apple Watch can now play podcasts, become a walkie-talkie

Apple Watch can now play podcasts, become a walkie-talkie

The Siri watch face, first introduced past year, brings a handful of the voice assistant's features right up front on your Apple Watch, providing your calendar, reminders and commute times. The Siri watch face will show you predictive shortcuts, such as a workout and a playlist that you usually do at a specific time of day.

The Siri watch face on your Apple Watch was introduced with watchOS 4, and the convenience of having Siri on your wrist will be increasing when watchOS 5 releases this fall, thanks in large part to machine learning.

The student ID feature is part of several other new features to be added in iOS 12 and WatchOS 5, Business Insider reported. We've rounded up five of the biggest features coming with watchOS 5. With a raise of the wrist, students can gain access to places including the library, dorms and events, and pay for snacks, laundry and dinners around campus simply by adding their ID cards to Wallet on Apple Watch. You can now challenge any of your friends to an exercise competition, which will compare your tracking stats to your friends'. This helps if a user forgets to hit the End Workout button. But that feature didn't make its way onto the Apple Watch until now.

Another exciting addition in watchOS 5 is automatic workout detection, so you don't have to tell the Apple Watch what you're about to do. watchOS 5 can also figure out what workout you're doing after you've started, and retroactively credit you for any running, swimming, or hiking you've done in the minutes or hours prior. There are also new notifications and an app for listening to podcasts. Possibly as a result, watchOS 5 will expand the wearable's base features, including new health and fitness tracking capabilities. Once you press to talk, your friend will feel some haptic feedback and then hear your voice immediately. It works over Wi-Fi or cellular connections, and users can send quick real-time audio from watch to watch. The wearable had already reached the point of being unusable with watchOS 4 so it is not surprising that Apple made a decision to drop support for it with the latest release of the OS.

One long-requested feature is finally coming in watchOS 5: Podcasts.

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