Apple WWDC 2018: How to watch the keynote address

Apple WWDC 2018: How to watch the keynote address

Apple WWDC 2018: How to watch the keynote address

Plus, there's always a chance that Apple will introduce some new hardware. However, it is rumored that Apple will release a new "Digital Health" initiative which could include tools that can help iOS users learn how much time they spend on their devices.

Apple also announced new AR features, such as a new file format.

Apple kicks off its annual conference for developers on Monday at 10 a.m.

Apple will livestream the event on its website. The Cupertino giant will also be adding a slew of features to its iOS, macOS and other platforms. Early this year, couple of shareholders - Jana Partners and the California State Teachers' Retirement System (CalSTRS) urged Apple to offer more tools to keep smartphone addiction in check among children.

Given that WWDC is a developer conference, it's become nearly tradition for Apple to unveil a sneak preview of the next version of all of its major software updates.

Each year Apple comes up with its new innovative ideas and new OS versions, along with few developer-side updates and some new fantastic apps.

While the last year's update for the software running the iPhones and iPads was riddled with bugs, iOS 12 at Apple WWDC 2018 is expected to be more about stability.

Mark Gurman, one of the industry's most respected Apple insiders, reported on Bloomberg that Apple will reveal a "Digital Health" feature for iOS 12 today.

The recent uptick in software flaws reflects the challenge Apple's engineering team has faced in recent years designing a system that works across a growing array of devices, former employees and analysts said.

The biggest announcement during the WWDC 2018 is speculated to be the arrival of iOS 12.

Over the past year, silicon technology has evolved at a brisk pace, and with Apple's MacBooks now looking outdated, it appears to be the flawless time for an update.

AIRPOWER: THE WIRELESS CHARGING MAT Next, Apple showcased its wireless charging mat called Air Power previous year but that never saw the light of day.

Mac, iPhone and iPad users Users of Apple devices including Mac, iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch can watch WWDC live with the help of Apple's own Safari browser.

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