Asus has a monster phone for serious mobile gamers

Asus has a monster phone for serious mobile gamers

Asus has a monster phone for serious mobile gamers

Following that, the Xiaomi-backed Black Shark made an appearance.

The new ROG Phone won't be the first to be aimed at mobile gamers - the Razer Phone, for instance, is another example of a predominantly gaming brand stepping into mobile - it seems the Asus phone will be optimized for gaming in a way that no predecessor has been, as much a gaming platform that's also a phone as the other way around. It's got a number of tricks up its sleeve that ASUS hopes will push it ahead of the competition.

In addition to the cooler, the ROG phone will also include a "3D Vaporware" cooling system for those serious gaming sessions and a screen that features a 90hz refresh rate and 1ms response time. With the ever-changing landscape of mobile phone technology, companies are putting more and more power into their mobile phones in order to be able to compete in the future.

As with most current flagships, the ROG phone is powered by Qualcomm's Snapdragon 845, but it's been given a bit of a boost beyond the stock speeds. The normal Snapdragon 845 is clocked at 2.8GHz. 8GB of RAM are included along with either 128GB or a whopping 512GB of internal storage.

For the dedicated ROG fans out there, you can sync your ROG Phone with other ASUS Aura Sync products, right up to 5 of the ROG Phones at once. Mice in particular are prone to wear and tear over time, so for the M5, ASUS is trying out new paint that claims to be more durable and will stand up to the test of time.

While the phone is certainly equipped for high-end gaming, the visuals are also important.

The ASUS ROG Phone's X Mode can be activated by squeezing the smartphone from its side.

But with that extra power comes an even heftier price tag.

Though Asus uses thumbscrews for the window, the company is concerned that they may be too tight to remove by hand so it includes a gaming tag that also serves as a screwdriver. With dual front-facing speakers, this device promises an excellent multimedia experience. As mentioned in the Ryuo water cooler announcement, ASUS created their own fan blades to increase airflow, and the Thor power supply uses them. The ROG Phone has a squeeze function, similar to the Pixel 2 and HTC Edge Sense, that activates "X Mode". It can apparently charge up to 20W. We've seen ports of popular console games work on smartphones, but also titles developed specifically for the mobile platform run with stunning graphics and framerates. We will update the space, the moment we have more information on it.

The ROG Phone features a couple of quirks exclusively designed for gamers on-the-go within the initial design, such as two mounting ports on either side to keep cables out of the way, haptic ultrasonic AirTrigger controls for force feedback, and rear RGB lighting. In case you're anxious that's ASUS' answer to not providing a headphone jack, you'll be happy to know that there is also a 3.5mm headphone jack on board.

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