Mexico imposes tariffs on USA pork exports

Mexico imposes tariffs on USA pork exports

Mexico imposes tariffs on USA pork exports

President Trump blamed Canada for the burning of the White House in the War of 1812 during a call with Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to discuss the administration's tariffs in Canadian steel and aluminum imports, CNN reported.

"In this environment, above all we always have to stay polite, stay productive and try to convince (them), to keep the United States on board because they are our historical ally and we need them", Macron told a news conference held with Trudeau in Ottawa on Friday.

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's position on the punitive measures would remain "consistent and clear" during talks at the summit, the official said.

Chief White House economic adviser Larry Kudlow said Trump wants to negotiate with Mexico and Canada separately.

His advisers have said he is trying to use the threat of tariffs as leverage to force other countries to lower barriers in a way that would allow more US imports. "The six other nations of the G7 represent a market that is larger than the American market", Macron said.

They also said they expected Trump to come under increasing pressure at home to reverse the tariffs, which they said would hurt USA interests.

The Commerce Department said foreign production of steel and aluminum was driving down prices and hurting USA producers, creating a "national security threat". The French president took a firm stance against U.S. President Donald Trump's isolationist policies.

While other World Trade Organisation members are also considering retaliating by targeting iconic American products - such as bourbon whiskey and Harley-Davidson motorcycles - the escalating tensions between Mexico and the U.S. may further complicate the renegotiation of the NAFTA.

The European Union does not expect any breakthrough on steel and aluminium tariffs imposed by the United States on the EU and Canada at talks of G7 leaders in Canada later this week, a senior EU official said on Tuesday.

A source who was on the May 25 call told CNN that Trump's comment invoking the War of 1812 was "not a laughing matter".

"We also want to work together on the enforcement of the existing global rules and speeding up the development of a new set of guidelines for government-supported export credit".

Prime Minister Shinzo Abe wants to ensure that the US puts his nation's security concerns front and center as talks with Kim Jong Un move forward.

"And I would just say to all of Canada's American friends - and there are so many - seriously?"

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