Trump won’t invite Warriors (or Cavaliers) to the White House

Trump won’t invite Warriors (or Cavaliers) to the White House

Trump won’t invite Warriors (or Cavaliers) to the White House

When Trump and the Warriors sparred over the same thing last fall - the Warriors said they weren't coming to the White House and Trump said no, they were dis-invited - James called Trump a "bum" on Twitter.

"I'm pretty sure the way we handled things past year, we'll stay consistent with that", Curry adding, alluding to the fact Golden State was set to decline before Trump took the offer off the table.

He pointed out that many other professional champion teams went to the White House, specifically pointing out Clemson University and the University of Alabama, who went to celebrate their college football championships.

"That was one of the great memories for me in my career", Kerr said.

According to ESPN's Rachel Nichols, Warriors head coach Steve Kerr had this to say about Trump: "The president has made it pretty clear he's going to try to divide us, all of us in this country, for political gain.

It won't be Cleveland or Golden State going", James said on Tuesday, May 28. "I know whoever wins this series, us or Golden State, no one wants an invite". "So it won't be Golden State or Cleveland going".

The Warriors and Cavaliers will face off in Game 4 of the NBA Finals Friday with tipoff set for 9 p.m. ET. "I mean, we'll see", Trump said.

This seems to be a never-ending battle, and won't be resolved until Trump is out of office.

Trump did hint that the Capitals, who won the Stanley Cup, would be invited.

Curry at the time said he wanted his team to forego the White House visit as a protest against Trump and to "inspire" change. But that's not going to stop Trump from pulling his classic 'we don't want you here anyway routine.' In fact, per Axios, that's exactly how he's handing the eventual National Basketball Association champions.

Trump pointed out that he has had several championship teams at the White House. He told reporters today that he might pardon Muhammad Ali (whose 1967 draft evasion conviction was already overturned, in 1971, by the U.S. Supreme Court). "And instead we just have these military sing-a-longs at the White House to show how patriotic we are, even though we don't know the words".

That said, dictatorships such as Saudi Arabia have succeeded in flattering Trump and getting something in return - largely because they can offer him material rewards in addition to kind words. His teammate, Kevin Durant, also spoke about the Eagles' move before as well. "We get it at this point, but it's good that guys are sticking to what they believe in..."

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