Anthem Release Date Leaked via Amazon Italy

Anthem Release Date Leaked via Amazon Italy

Anthem Release Date Leaked via Amazon Italy

One of EA's most anticipated games got its fair share of time in the spotlight today during its EA Play conference, with the publisher dedicating nearly 20 minutes to a deep-dive into the mechanics and gameplay of Anthem. A few things were already known to showcase at EA's press conference such as Federation Internationale de Football Association 19 and Battlefield 5.

Battlefield V details had already been out in the open for a couple of weeks, but at EA Play DICE came out of the gate with some great information on the game.

"Anthem is really built around trying to combine the impact of having your own personal story with the fun of playing with other players". I don't know about you, but a Battlefield take on Battle Royale has me chomping at the bit!

EA Play has typically given fans several new trailers for their upcoming games, most notably Federation Internationale de Football Association 18 and other sports titles. Depending on which javelin (the name for the Iron Man-like mech suits) you choose, you will either play as the ranger, colossus, interceptor, or storm classes. The game is set between episodes 3&4; an era where Jedi are hunted down and all but eradicated.

When it was released in 2016, the original Unravel game was a visual delight. From it, we can glean some new insights about the game. Created by Berlin-based studio Jo-Mei, Sea Of Solitude is based on its creator's own struggles with loneliness. They also debuted a number of visual Javelin customization options, noting that vanity items, but no gameplay altering items, will be available for purchase as non-loot box micro-transactions. The haunting yet lovely tones set in the game explore the story of a young woman who turns into a monster due to her loneliness.

After years of shifting release windows, EA has given Anthem an official release date: February 22, 2019.

The presentation then shifted over to a gameplay demo in which four players, each flying around in specialised super suits, fought Dominion creatures in order to secure a relic of the Anthem Of Creation. It sounds like more Javelins will be added post launch.

This likely means Bioware has planned out a significant amount of lore for the world, to be revealed piecemeal throughout the game.

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