Iran Warns Europe That Time Is Running Out On Saving Nuclear Deal

Iran Warns Europe That Time Is Running Out On Saving Nuclear Deal

Iran Warns Europe That Time Is Running Out On Saving Nuclear Deal

"As soon as the USA side is ready, the meeting will take place, depending, of course, on my working schedule".

"Everyone demonstrated solidarity with London over a certain event in Salisbury but nothing concrete was said again", Putin said. "I fully agree with him", he said, adding that personal meetings and work by experts are needed to tackle the issue.

"Russia should be in this meeting", Trump told reporters before leaving the White House South Lawn for Canada, where the summit is being held.

The Russian prez said he did not discuss meeting venue but "many" countries including Austria are willing to help organise such a summit.

The American leader has repeatedly said he wants to improve relationships with Moscow.

"Russia calls for strict and consistent implementation of this plan", Putin said on June 10. "We have to carefully analyse, watch what's going on, and see at what stage and how we can participate in this process and use it, including by the way, to avoid any restrictions in the sphere of global financial activity", Putin said.

"We did not (choose to) leave it, our colleagues refused to come to Russian Federation due to known reasons at some point". At any rate, we are ready for it. The group used to be called G8 before Russia's membership was suspended in 2014 after the outbreak of the Ukrainian crisis.

Russian President Vladimir Putin has scoffed at the G-7's accusations against Russia as mere "chatter".

Here, I would like to welcome efforts by Russian Federation and China in maintaining the JCPOA.

After the meeting, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau did not mince words, calling the USA tariffs "insulting" and saying: "Canadians, we're polite, we're reasonable, but we also will not be pushed around".

Trump announced the USA would leave what he called the "horrible" Iran nuclear accord in May.

The Iranian president then described the two governments' support for continuous economic development and the private sector as highly necessary and said Khaf-Heart Railway and other similar development projects in the region should be pressed ahead with political and economic coordination.

Since US President Donald Trump withdrew the United States last month, calling the agreement deeply flawed, European states have been scrambling to ensure Iran gets enough economic benefits to persuade it to stay in the deal.

Qingdao (China): Iranian President Hassan Rouhani on Saturday slammed the Trump administration for unilaterally dumping the Iran nuclear deal while complimented China, Russia and Europe for trying to protect it.

Founded in 2001, the Beijing-based SCO has largely served as a vehicle for resolving border issues, fighting terrorism and - more implicitly - to counter American influence in Central Asia following its invasion of Afghanistan.

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