The Elder Scrolls VI and Starfield announced at Bethesda E3 conference

The Elder Scrolls VI and Starfield announced at Bethesda E3 conference

The Elder Scrolls VI and Starfield announced at Bethesda E3 conference

Similar to Legends, Elder Scrolls Online is trucking along successfully.

Mobile gaming is insane big these days.

In a neat trick often overlooked by many developers, Bethesda is also equipping Blades to run equally smoothly in both landscape and portrait modes. While Elder Scrolls VI is still years away at this point, Bethesda announced the release of a new Elder Scrolls mobile game: Blades. This time out, dynamic weather systems and seasons are going to play a role in the game. It will retain the first-person perspective and RPG-influenced action of the previous three major Fallout games, but enable cooperative and competitive multiplayer in a semi-massively multiplayer online environment. They were hoping to hear something of Starfield, and maybe a tiny bit about Elder Scrolls VI. Since it's a next-gen game it should arrive on Sony's new PlayStation 5 or Microsoft's upcoming Xbox hardware and may even push both to their limits.

Have you ever dreamed about playing an Elder Scrolls games on your smartphone?

Either way, Bethesda fans have a lot to look forward to this year and in the future.

Speaking of games that aren't coming out any time soon, Bethesda also shared a short teaser trailer for The Elder Scrolls VI, which may or may not be set in the land of Hammerfell.

Instead of a controller, you'll take on your enemies using your device's touchscreen.

"Believe me when I say you have to see this running on an iPhone X", Howard said from the E3 stage as the in-game footage rolled on the overhead.

Before that though will be Starfield, Bethesda's brand new sci-fi epic which will be first their first completely new franchise in over 20 years. The studio teased us with what we could be expecting in the game through the following trailer. Elder Scrolls: Blades, as the game is called, will put you in the shoes of one of the "empire's top agents", known as the Blades.

The Elder Scrolls: Blades is Bethesda's attempt to bring the combat of Elder Scrolls to mobile devices. This was an especially interesting year for Bethesda to hold a press conference, because there really isn't too much more from the studio launching this year. Bethesda plans to port Blades to PC, consoles, and release a VR version.

Of course, next-generation doesn't necessarily mean that the games are in development for the next wave of consoles, but that they are built on the next generation of Bethesda technology.

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