Lee Hsien Loong meets Kim Jong Un

Lee Hsien Loong meets Kim Jong Un

Lee Hsien Loong meets Kim Jong Un

Prime Minister Lee wished Kim a success for the summit and expressed hope that the US-North Korea meeting will advance the prospects for peace and stability in the Korean peninsula and the larger region.

Trump arrived at the Istana, Singapore's government house, shortly before noon.

Trump also speculated that the summit might not work out.

Trump, speaking in Canada on Saturday, said any agreement at the summit would be "spur of the moment", underscoring the uncertain outcome of what he called a "mission of peace".

Waiters were spotted near an elaborate dining room carrying Diet Cokes. The session will be expanded to a bilateral meeting and will include advisors.

The streets were lined with press and onlookers with cell phones as Trump's motorcade made its way from his hotel.

"Chairman Kim thanked Prime Minister Lee for Singapore's hosting of the US-DPRK Summit", the document adds.

Kim arrived in Singapore several hours before Trump, landing at Singapore Changi Airport.

Mr Kim said "the entire world [was] watching" while Mr Trump said he had a good feeling about the summit.

He said more than one meeting with North Korea will be necessary to complete a meaningful deal, but the summit is a start. He has not left his country since taking office in 2011 other than to visit China and the South Korean side of the border Demilitarised Zone.

Seoul's Unification Ministry said Monday the surveys conducted through home visits, phone calls and letters will continue through August 10.

President Donald Trump is questioning whether to keep his scheduled summit with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un next month over concerns he could be politically embarrassed, according to a report in.

With few sources of information other than the state-run media, gossip and word of mouth, most North Koreans are still largely in the dark about the momentous - and potentially life-changing - events that are about to take place outside of their isolated nation. "The North Koreans have already gotten one major concession: a meeting with the president". There was also no sign of his sister, Kim Yo Jong, who has accompanied him to Singapore. The official was not authorized to speak publicly about internal deliberations and insisted on anonymity. "If I think it won't happen, I'm not going to waste my time", he said.

A team of United States officials had been in South Korea, traveling frequently to meet with North Korean officials in the demilitarized zone [DMZ] recently, to work on the substance of the talks. Around 20 North Korean guards - distinguishable by red loyalty badges - had earlier taken up positions, some on upper floors overlooking the hotel's lobby.

Monday's session was held for 2 hours, with the US Ambassador to the Philippines, Sung Kim, taking part.

It is unclear what Mr Trump and Mr Kim might decide on Tuesday. Past nuclear deals have crumbled over North Korea's reluctance to open its doors to outsiders.

The American President arrived early in Singapore, slightly ahead of the posted schedule.

President Trump landed Sunday evening at Singapore's Paya Lebar Airbase.

But it is Mr Kim's pursuit of nuclear weapons that gives his meeting with Mr Trump such high stakes. He most recently travelled there a year ago as a private citizen. She emerged as an influential figure in Pyongyang's opaque leadership in February, when she led a North Korean delegation to the Winter Olympics in South Korea.

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