Apple poised to release new AirPods come 2019 | Digital

Apple poised to release new AirPods come 2019 | Digital

Apple poised to release new AirPods come 2019 | Digital

According to people close to the matter, Bloomberg has reported that in 2019, Apple will be launching a HomePod with studio-quality audio, upgraded AirPods and its very own pair of headphones.

The water resistance is reportedly being added to protect against rain and perspiration, meaning they will still not be able to be used while swimming.

The new product is expected to cost more than the current rate of $159, which may cause the company to segment them like they do with their phones.

It's said to be marketed as Apple's higher-end alternative to its Beats headphones, complete with native Apple branding. That's according to a new report by Bloomberg, which cites sources privy to Apple's plans.

Leave your thoughts on whether you would cop higher-end Airpods in the comments.

For the deluxe AirPods and the new HomePod, Apple will reportedly work with Foxconn as part of an expanded alliance. These high-end headphones could be sold under the Apple brand, instead of the Beats brand that Apple bought in 2014 for $3 billion. Well, to release some new headphones at least. A wireless charging case is apparently in the works, too, to go along with the long-rumored and conspicuously absent AirPower charger. Apple is also mulling adding biometric sensors like a heart-rate monitor to the AirPods, though it is unclear if it has made a decision to go through with them or not. These were supposed to come out later this year, but they ran into issues and the release was pushed back to early next year. Now, the company is building on that expertise and knowledge and seems to be expanding its audio product lineup to cater to a wider range of audience.

Apple debuted its wireless earbuds in December 2016.

For the over-ear headphones, Apple has discussed working with Tymphany, a Primax Electronics Ltd. subsidiary that makes consumer and professional audio systems, according to a person familiar with the situation.

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