Sudan Repeals Death Sentence for Teenager Who Killed 'Rapist Husband'

Sudan Repeals Death Sentence for Teenager Who Killed 'Rapist Husband'

Sudan Repeals Death Sentence for Teenager Who Killed 'Rapist Husband'

A lawyer says a Sudanese court has overturned a death sentence against a young woman convicted of killing her husband, who she says was raping her.

Campaigners have gathered round her cause to highlight Sudan's personal status law, which critics say leaves women and girls vulnerable to domestic violence, marital rape and child marriage.

When Hammad allegedly tried to rape her again the next day, she stabbed him to death with a knife.

It was gathered that her husband invited two of his brothers and a male cousin to help him rape her after she refused to consumate the marriage.

"While the quashing of this death sentence is hugely welcome news, it must now lead to a legal review to ensure that Noura Hussein is the last person to go through this ordeal", said Seif Magango, Amnesty International's deputy regional director in a statement.

"The jail term is effective from the time she was arrested".

CNN has reported that the lady will instead serve a 5-year jail term and her family would pay 337,000 Sudanese pounds ($18,700) to her late husband, a Muslim practice called "blood money".

At 16, Hussein was forced by her parents to marry her cousin, according to activists. All of them tore at my clothing. He stripped and had me while I wept and screamed. When Abdulrahman slept she attempted to leave the flat, but it was locked.

"The next day he grabbed me, threw me on the bed and tried to climb on top of me. He cut my hand and bit down on my shoulder".

She was, however, tricked into returning 3 years later, and was promptly handed over to her husband's family.

Marital rape is not a crime in Sudan, and girls from 10years and above can legally marry.

The case has sparked global outrage and several petitions worldwide had called for her sentence to be dropped.

Hussein's story drew condemnation from the United Nations and rights groups who argued that Hussein was a victim of child marriage and acted in self defence.

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