Scott Pruitt resigned. Twitter was ready

Scott Pruitt resigned. Twitter was ready

Scott Pruitt resigned. Twitter was ready

In a year and half, Pruitt managed to squeeze in a staggering number of scandals, spending loads of taxpayer dollars on first-class flights, keeping a "secret calendar" to mask his meetings with industry representatives, and so much else.

From a policy perspective, Pruitt was one of Trump's most effective Cabinet members. Yet the remarkable thing about Mr. Pruitt's story is his relentless petty corruption.

"I look forward to working with our next EPA administrator to protect the environmental interests of our district, which is the proud home of the Adirondacks".

Pruitt's resignation follows months during which the EPA administrator has been embroiled in one ethics controversy after the next.

When Pruitt was announced in December 2016 as Trump's pick to lead the EPA, a group of 48 evangelicals - including 13 former Southern Baptist Convention presidents, 14 current and former SBC entity heads and 17 state Baptist convention executive directors - sent Trump an open letter in support of Pruitt, the then-attorney general of Oklahoma. Once there, he made the place cozy for fossil fuel lobbyists and torpedoed the agency's scientific mission, prompting an exodus of over 700 chemists, biologists, economists, epidemiologists, lab techs, lawyers and engineers who couldn't stomach the professional degradation he brought with him.

"These standards will not only help to mitigate climate change and its associated health risks, but will also significantly reduce emissions of toxic and carcinogenic air pollutants, benefiting public health in communities across the country", wrote the groups. But the destructiveness of his agenda was matched by his pettiness of his graft, the stench of which became so strong that not even Trump and his Republican apologists could ignore it.

However, the unrelenting attacks on me personally, my family, are unprecedented and have taken a sizable toll on all of us. All tolerated because Trump liked his zealotry.

With Pruitt's exit, Trump is losing a kindred spirit.

After less than 18 scandal-filled months in office, Scott Pruitt, the administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency, resigned Thursday.

They asked the EPA's inspector general, Arthur Elkins, to take appropriate steps to hold Pruitt accountable.

Scott Pruitt may turn out to be a seminal case in the study of crisis management: Just how bad does an exec's public image have to get before they finally resign? Pruitt said modern mining practices and existing regulations made the financial requirement unnecessary and a burden on mining.

It makes sense that ex-Inhofe aides would populate EPA under a Republican administration, the lobbyist said, given Inhofe's long tenure as the top Republican on the Senate committee charged with overseeing the agency.

"The electorate in Oklahoma has changed a lot lately", said Bennett.

One task facingWheeler is to rebuild morale at the EPA.The agency's career staff has been under siege. Pruitt proposed a year ago to repeal a key climate-change regulation of President Barack Obama's administration, which aimed to reduce emissions of carbon-trapping gases from coal-fired power plants.

Some of the ethics accusations against Pruitt involved jobs for his wife.

At the EPA, staffers expect Wheeler to stick to the agenda set by Pruitt and Trump: Cutting environmental regulations that the Trump administration and industries see as unnecessarily burdensome to business, Southerland, the former water official, said.

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