'Nobody thought we could do it': rescue of Thai boys accomplished

'Nobody thought we could do it': rescue of Thai boys accomplished

'Nobody thought we could do it': rescue of Thai boys accomplished

Thailand's navy SEALs say the four boys and coach rescued on Tuesday, after other rescues in the previous two days, are all safe.

Meanwhile, Manchester United invited the boys to game at their home stadium Old Trafford next season while Portugese team Benfica invited the Wild Boars to an expenses-paid week at its training academy.

At a news conference, Jedsada Chokdumrongsuk, permanent secretary at the Public Health Ministry, said the first four boys rescued, aged 12 to 16, are now able to eat normal food, though they can't yet take the spicy food favoured by many Thais.

Officials were not immediately available to comment on who had been brought out, and their condition was unclear.

A doctor and three Thai Navy SEALs, who have stayed with the group since shortly after they were discovered huddled on a muddy ledge deep inside the Tham Luang cave complex, will also come out, Narongsak added.

The rescuers have been learning from experience and were two hours faster in bringing the second batch of survivors out on Monday.

The third and hopefully final rescue mission is now underway.

The first eight boys rescued from a Thai cave are in decent physical and mental health with some even asking for chocolate, but they remain in hospital and under psychological observation for any lasting damage from their underground ordeal.

Thai authorities said the first four rescued Sunday were in "good health" but have been kept in quarantine until the risk of infection subsides.

Many of the Wild Boars players came from impoverished families, and Chanthawong reportedly helped put in place a system whereby kids would get soccer gear from sponsors in return for good grades.

Much-needed food and medical supplies - including high-calorie gels and paracetamol - reach the boys as rescuers prepare for the possibility that they may remain in the cave for some time.

"FA Thailand appreciates Mr. Gianni Infantino's goodwill for supporting 13 trapped young footballers by inviting them as FIFA's guests in World Cup 2018 Final", the organization wrote in a Facebook post. But this seems unlikely now, given the need for the boys to undergo further tests.

As of 2:40 p.m. local time, the rescue has been underway for over 4 hours and nobody has been seen yet leaving the cave, although live video from the site showed increased activity and military presence in preparation for the last leg of the rescue.

The chances of monsoon rains raising water in the cave again, endangering their dry refuge and making the escape route too risky, were never far from the minds of everyone involved. Musk tweeted: "Just returned from Cave 3".

On Twitter, Musk has mused about potential inventions that could help the trapped soccer team, including a miniature submarine made from part of a SpaceX rocket.

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