Watch Blue Origin's high-altitude abort test during latest rocket launch

Watch Blue Origin's high-altitude abort test during latest rocket launch

Watch Blue Origin's high-altitude abort test during latest rocket launch

Blue Origin's New Shepard accommodates six passengers in a "capsule" fixed to the top of a 60-foot-long rocket. The entire mission lasted 11 minutes and 17 seconds.

This is the ninth mission for the New Shepard program and the third time this reusable rocket was used. Many customers and the aerospace industry have been very keen on knowing the cost of a ticket on Blue Origin's New Shepard space vehicle to find out whether or not it is affordable enough to generate a strong demand on space tourism.

Three minutes after take-off, the company fired the crew capsule's emergency motor and saw the spacecraft soar to an altitude of roughly 74 miles (119 kilometers), well above the Karman line, or the widely accepted boundary of space, placed at 62 miles (100 kilometers).

Wednesday's passenger was Mannequin Skywalker, plus science experiments.

According to Bezos, in a capsule will separate cabins for each member of the expedition, as well as the portholes upright.

Sir Richard Branson founder of Virgin Galactic with his Spaceship Two and White Knight Two carrier aircraft

But Virgin Galactic, founded by British billionaire Richard Branson, is also racing to be the first - with both companies using radically different technology.

But in comments to AFP, the company struck a more cautious note. Central Daylight Time to perform a high-altitude test of an escape motor.

Experiments hitching a ride on the test flight Wednesday include a privately-developed in-cabin WiFi transmitter, and a package of NASA sensors to measure cabin pressure, temperature, carbon dioxide levels, acoustic conditions, and acceleration inside the crew capsule. Blue Origin accomplished a low-altitude abort test with a previous version of the New Shepard vehicle in October 2016, proving the capsule's solid-fueled abort motor could get passengers away from a catastrophic in-flight failure.

Blue Origin is developing a much bigger rocket, called New Glenn, as an orbital launcher.

New Shepard aced today's flight test as well.

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