Fortnite Update Nerfs Building Materials

Fortnite Update Nerfs Building Materials

Fortnite Update Nerfs Building Materials

Epic Games has announced that the fan favorite Playground Limited Time Mode or LTM will be returning to Fortnite this week on July 25th. In Battle Royale, the Battlebus has been decorated to join in with the birthday celebration and after players drop out they will also find cake slices dotted around the map which add +5 to both health and shield once consumed.

The event will entail a bonus set of three challenges that upon completion will reward the player with "Birthday Cake Back Bling". Text layouts will now have better, more proper frame rates, and items on the ground will have their counts updated while a player is staring at them. It also seems that you'll be able to dance in front of 10 birthday cakes spread throughout the map in order to unlock a birthday-themed spray.

We do not have a specific time for when the update is due to go live tomorrow, but if the patch needs downtime, you can expect the game to go offline around 9am (with the caveat that sometimes you'll get kicked out of your game up to 40 minutes before that time, too).

This revelation of a major buff coming to the Slurp Juice healing item in Fortnite came by the way of an Epic Games employee on the official subbreddit for Epic Games' popular battle royale game.

On top of that, the game's Save the World mode is getting a special birthday questline that unlocks the Birthday Brigade Ramirez Hero when you complete it. Last month, Epic stated its desire to change the way building works in the game, noting that "not every encounter should have to end in a build fight".

Fortnite is now back online after a few hours of downtime in order to launch Update v5.1.

Loot drop rates have also been increased nearly across the board, so you'll have more chances to find the guns and items you want.

Other updates in the update include the addition of a new weapon, the Compact SMG. This makes it so you can automatically sprint when moving, with the former sprint button turning into a walk button.

But one change is less exciting: Epic has removed dual pistols, silenced pistols and the hand cannon from the game.

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