Trump's stand against Iran is correct: Israeli Ambassador to the UN

Trump's stand against Iran is correct: Israeli Ambassador to the UN

Trump's stand against Iran is correct: Israeli Ambassador to the UN

But Iran's most powerful authority, the Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, last Saturday said negotiations with the U.S. would be an " obvious mistake".

"Trump's statements against Iran are psychological warfare".

Tehran reacted to Pompeo's speech as an interference in Tehran's affairs, the semi-official Tasnim news agency reported.

All other parties to the deal - Russia, Britain, France, Germany and China - have sought to keep the deal in effect, saying it is working as intended by preventing Iran from obtaining nuclear weapons for now.

US President Donald Trump and Iranian President Hassan Rouhani have traded hostile warnings, amid rising tensions between the two countries.

Iran has been under increasing US pressure and possible sanctions since Trump's decision in May to withdraw the United States from a 2015 agreement between world powers and Iran over its disputed nuclear program.

Earlier on Sunday, Rouhani had told Iranian diplomats: "Mr. Trump, don't play with the lion's tail, this would only lead to regret".

To which Trump responded in the calm, measured fashion we have come to expect from him.

"The president consults with his national security team on a daily basis", she said.

"Indian refineries import crude oil from diverse sources including Iran, depending on technical and commercial considerations", Pradhan said, without elaborating if the refiners would cut imports from Tehran.

Iranian officials have in the past threatened to block the Strait of Hormuz in retaliation for any hostile U.S. action.

"I don't think that's warranted".

He cited the harsh words between the U.S. and North Korea that preceded the high-profile summit between Mr Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong-un and denuclearisation talks. "I wouldn't recommend that", John Rood, undersecretary of defense for policy, told a security forum in Colorado on Friday.

Trump's tweet appears to take the rhetoric expressed by Pompeo a step further.

Since the US signaled a harder line against Iran's oil exports last month, analysts have started to warn that many more Iranian barrels could be removed from the market than initially expected, and the thinning global spare capacity as Saudi Arabia and Russian Federation raise production could boost oil prices. "And Iranians have heard them - albeit more civilized ones - for 40 yrs".

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who is bitterly opposed to Iran, praised Mr. Trump's "strong stance".

Many highlighted the hyperbole of Mr Trump's all-capitals tweet by applying it to mundane, everyday scenarios.

Several dozen protesters lined the route to the site, including one group that distributed fliers opposing both Iran's current government and any USA intervention in Iran.

"The United States under President Trump will not stay silent either", he said.

The United States is not "afraid to tackle" Iranian officials with sanctions at the "highest level" of its government, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said on Sunday. "And the United States under President Trump will not stay silent either".

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