Denmark fines first woman for violating face veil ban

Denmark fines first woman for violating face veil ban

Denmark fines first woman for violating face veil ban

The woman was told she would receive a fine of 1,000 kroner (Dh570) in the post, and was told to either remove her veil or leave the public space.

She chose to leave the shopping centre.

Police said both women were charged with violating the peace and said one had also been charged with violating the full-face veil law.

While the law does not mention Islamic facial coverings such as burqas or niqabs by name, Human Rights Watch has labelled the ban as "discriminatory" and said it was the "latest in a harmful trend".

Police were called to the scene and reviewed CCTV footage of the incident, which took place in a shopping centre in Horsholm, around 15 miles north of the capital Copenhagen yesterday.

A woman has become the first person in Denmark to be officially charged with wearing a face veil - or niqab - in public. Other European countries have similar bans.

A spokesperson for group Kvinder I Dialog (Women In Dialogue) told the Independent: "The goal of this demonstration is to show that we do not accept this kind of unjust treatment regardless of who we are dealing with".

As of Wednesday, wearing a full-face veil, or a niqab, which shows the eyes, carries an 1,000 Kroner charge.

The Danish law allows people to cover their face when there is a "recognisable purpose" like cold weather or complying with other legal requirements, such as using motorcycle helmets.

Repeat offenders of the ban could be fined up to 10,000 kroner (£930).

Human rights campaigners say the ban is a violation of women's rights, while supporters argue it enables better integration of Muslim immigrants.

Belgium, France, Germany and Austria have already imposed bans or partial bans.

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