Donald Trump admits son was getting dirt on Hillary Clinton

Donald Trump admits son was getting dirt on Hillary Clinton

Donald Trump admits son was getting dirt on Hillary Clinton

Sekulow's comments came shortly after Trump tweeted earlier Sunday that the meeting was simply an effort "to get information on an opponent", which he characterized as "totally legal and done all the time in politics - and it went nowhere".

What are the details?

Emails arranging the meeting showed that Rob Goldstone, a former music publicist with ties to both Trump and Moscow, told Trump Jr. he had "official documents and information that would implicate Hillary [Clinton] and her dealings with Russian Federation and would be very useful to your father", which was "part of Russian Federation and its government's support for Mr. Trump".

Mueller is in the midst of a 15-month investigation of Russian meddling in the 2016 USA presidential election, Trump campaign ties to Russia and whether Trump, as president, obstructed justice by trying to thwart the investigation.

Trump's lawyers and the White House have given conflicting accounts about whether Trump was involved in crafting Donald Jr.'s response to a New York Times article last summer revealing the Trump Tower meeting with the adoptions rationale.

CNN reported last month that Michael Cohen, the president's long-time personal lawyer and self-described "fixer" was willing to tell Mueller that Trump did know about the meeting in advance. But on Sunday, he essentially admitted, finally, that his son had indeed taken a meeting with a Kremlin-linked official in the hopes of colluding with the Russian government.

President Trump continued to ramp up his onslaught against the media on Sunday, warning news outlets can "also cause war" and claiming he is helping Americans by pointing out how news outlets are biased against him.

Russian President Vladimir Putin has denied allegations by US intelligence agencies that his government meddled and Trump denies collusion, describing the Mueller investigation as a political witch hunt that should be shut down.

"What law, statute, rule or regulation has been violated?" He then acknowledged that the infamous June 2016 meeting between Trump Jr.

"I'd like to remind Mr. Trump that that ruling only says you can't be prosecuted while in office", Rubin explained.

Mr. Trump Jr. had testified to lawmakers that his father never knew about his meeting in the summer of 2016, which took place to potentially get dirt on Mr. Trump's opponent Hillary Clinton.

"They're talking about this blue wave", Trump said referring to way Democrats are depicted on electoral maps.

Emails eventually showed that Trump Jr. had actually anticipated receiving damaging information about Hillary Clinton from the Russians during the meeting, a fact he'd failed to disclose at first.

In another, he expressed frustration with both the media and Mueller's probe.

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