Wait for Fortnite ends on Android unofficially - APK now available

Wait for Fortnite ends on Android unofficially - APK now available

Wait for Fortnite ends on Android unofficially - APK now available

The full list of now supported Samsung devices are below. The beta launched exclusively on Samsung devices last week, and now it's available on other Android platforms. Once that's on your device, you'll be able to download the Fortnite app to your phone or tablet.

But it's easy to see why Epic is choosing to distribute the game itself. Searching for "Fortnite" or "Fortnite Battle Royale" won't get you anywhere.

While Epic Games continues to add new items, weapons, locations, and other content to Fortnite, the developer has remained quiet on the potential for weapon skins being introduced in the future. Make sure you've signed up for the beta and check your emails regularly as Epic is updating compatible devices daily.

And I get it, I do.

Sweeney and Epic have been under fire for forcing some users to potentially open up their phones to malware in order to download Fortnite for Android, a move that I argued was particularly risky because so many kids play Fortnite; kids who may not know how to tell fakes from the real thing.

However, there's one way to play Fortnite on Android presently -a flagship Samsung Galaxy device. Sure, it's easy to compare checksums to confirm that an.APK file is Epic's official file for Fortnite, but you have no idea what someone has included when tweaking an.APK to bypass Epic's security measures: Some piece of code that, oh, logs your login credentials on a server somewhere, or a spammy request for you to fill out some bogus survey. If you have been playing the game and like it enough to be playing it regularly in the days to come, here's a tip for you: You will need to keep the Fortnite Installer app installed on your device to be able to update the main game.

We're now enrolled in Fortnite's Android beta, and we'll be sure to bring you our first impressions of the game once we receive the green light.

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