Huawei caught using a DSLR trying to sell the Nova 3's camera

Huawei caught using a DSLR trying to sell the Nova 3's camera

Huawei caught using a DSLR trying to sell the Nova 3's camera

The Nova 3 and the Nova 3i take a lot of inspiration from the Huawei P20 and P20 Pro, if you were to talk about looks and feel.

When prompted for a comment, Huawei explained to CNET that there is incredibly small fine print at the end of the trailer that shows the images to be "for reference only".

It isn't just Huawei that has been caught using professional cameras in the ads showing their new smartphone's prowess in taking great photos.

"Product characteristics and actual specifications may vary (including but not limited to appearance, colour, size), as well as actual presentation contents (including but not limited to backgrounds, user interface and controls)", the disclaimer text reads in Arabic.

Tech blogs said that while Huawei's ads never claimed that the photos were indeed taken by their new phone, "it is implied by the sequence of events and by the fact that the specific photo in question was used to promote a feature present in the smartphone".

Reddit user AbdullahSab3 took to Reddit to accuse the company of misleading marketing, saying: "Don't believe everything you see".

This is not the first time that Huawei has faced flak for trying to oversell the camera on its smartphones.

Initial reviews of the Huawei Nova 3 suggest that the phone looks like a bulkier version of the iPhone X. The USP of the Nova 3 is its AI-powered 24 and 16-megapixel lenses. Instead, a DSLR camera was positioned where the smartphone should be, and presumably, taking the photo that was used in the advertisement.

A tiny, fine-print disclosure about lenses and retouches appears on the Apple ads; that's not the case with Huawei's ad-and the Huawei photo was clearly not taken on a Huawei phone at all. American Express card members get an instant cashback of INR 3000 on purchase of nova 3.

Afterward, Huawei responded by removing the image and claiming it had never meant to mislead the public.

With dual front 24MP+2MP camera, the latest AI enabled smartphone offers stunning AI selfies.

Huawei's response back then when caught? Now, the company has announced that the more premiere Huawei Nova 3 will be available in open sale from August 23.

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