Kalashnikov to develop new electric supercars

Kalashnikov to develop new electric supercars

Kalashnikov to develop new electric supercars

In a statement published online, Kalashnikov referred to the CV-1 as an "electric supercar" and noted that it offers a 90 kilowatt battery pack and can travel 220 miles on a single charge.

According to media outlets reporting at a press event at the expo, a Kalashnikov media rep said the auto will "let us stand in the ranks of global electric vehicle producers such as Tesla".

The powder-blue prototype, dubbed the CV-1, was unveiled by the Russian arms maker at a defense expo outside of Moscow.

The CV-1 hasn't been well received on social media.

Following shortly after Jaguar announced its electric E-type, Kalashnikov has launched its own retro-inspired electric vehicle - with the car's looks are based on the 1970s IZh 2125 "Kombi" Soviet hatchback.

Russian business publications report that Kalashnikov Concern, maker of the famed AK-47 assault rifle with its iconic curved magazine, has taken the wraps off an electric concept auto that the company says is created to compete with market leader Tesla.

To help it in this quest it has announced the CV-1, a battery-powered electric vehicle which, in true Kalashnikov fashion, is based on a decades-old Soviet design. The company also unveiled a giant 13ft gold robot.

Aside from making guns, Kalashnikov had previously built electric motorcycles and electric "Ovum" vehicles that were used at the World Cup in Russian Federation this summer. Tesla's Model S, by comparison, has a 335-mile range.

Kalashnikov Concern has been trying to expand its brand for several years, branching out into civilian merchandise including clothing lines, umbrellas and mobile phone covers.

While Kalashnikov will probably be keeping the details on its new project under wraps until the time is right, the Internet is having a blast with its prototype unveiling.

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