Apple sends out press invites for September 12 media event

Apple sends out press invites for September 12 media event

Apple sends out press invites for September 12 media event

After months of rumors, Apple has confirmed that it will be holding an event on september 12, with many insiders speculating that the company will use the day to announce a slate of new products, including new iPhones, MacBooks, iPads and more.

An image that purportedly shows both of Apple's new iPhone models has leaked out. In fact, the event, where the next iPhones are expected to be launched, will be again at the Steve Jobs theatre adjoining the new Apple Campus.

The two OLED models will be successors to last year's iPhone X, which did away with the home button and introduced Face ID technology.

While there is no guarantee "iPhone XS" and "iPhone XS Plus" will be the official names of the next OLED iPhone models, this may be one clue it could be a possibility. Some of the new iPhones are expected to run at a cheaper price with fewer features, while others will boast the same expensive price tag as 2017's X model.

Rumors also suggest this new iPhone will not come with 3D Touch. We'll have finalized details in just a couple of weeks, as Apple's press conference is set to take place on September 12. Apple will give this handset a 6.1-inch screen and swap stainless steel for aluminum. Other possible products that could be on deck for a grand reveal include new Apple Watch models, an updated iPad Pro and the next version of its AirPods.

Apple typically announces new iPhone hardware in the fall, and it appears that fact will be as constant as the seasons themselves.

Probably with the same device in more colors, but we'll find out for sure on September 12, according to an invite reporters received Thursday morning. In images of the analog watch face, the Series 4 has eight complications - four around the outside of the time and four around the watch hands.

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