President Trump cancels pay raise due federal workers in January

President Trump cancels pay raise due federal workers in January

President Trump cancels pay raise due federal workers in January

The pay increases would cost the federal government at least an addition $25 billion, according to the president.

As noted in my Budget for Fiscal Year 2019, the cost of employing the Federal workforce is significant.

Congress has approved legislation to give military service members a 2.6 percent pay raise, the biggest in nine years, but funding must still be approved.

While Trump has yet to propose reducing spending on big-ticket items such as defense or entitlements, he is trying to trim the decicit by changing how federal employees are paid. The House version of the bill did not include such an increase, and sought reductions to spending on federal pension plans. Congress will ultimately decide whether federal workers get a raise.

In ordering the raises canceled, Trump cited his statutory authority to adjust pay because of "national emergency or serious economic conditions affecting the general welfare".

Trump said the pay freeze would not "materially affect" the federal government's ability to recruit qualified workers.

Meanwhile, the largest union representing government workers is rejecting the move to eliminate the pay increase for fiscal 2019 and calling for Congress to follow the Senate's lead.

It is a harsh indictment of President Trump's values that he is freezing workers' pay to offset his multi-billion-dollar tax cuts for millionaires and billionaires.

This is not the first time in recent history that a president has frozen civilian federal pay raises. It also issued a series of executive orders that would have made it all but impossible for federal employee unions to operate in federal buildings and to ease rules on firing employees. A federal judge invalidated numerous proposed provisions from these consecutive orders on Saturday.

The Democratic National Committee described Trump's letter as "yet another slap in the face to American workers" by the president, while Sen. "I can think of nothing more hypocritical or disingenuous than to turn around and throw hardworking federal employees under the bus on the pretext of fiscal responsibility".

"President Trump's plan to freeze wages for these patriotic workers next year ignores the fact that they are worse off today financially than they were at the start of the decade", said J. David Cox Sr., national president of the American Federation of Government Employees, which represents some 700,000 federal workers.

While the Washington area contains the largest concentration of federal workers, only 1-in-6 civilian employees of the government live in the region.

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