Bob Woodward 'Fear: Trump In The White House' Bombshell Revelations

Bob Woodward 'Fear: Trump In The White House' Bombshell Revelations

Bob Woodward 'Fear: Trump In The White House' Bombshell Revelations

Ahead of the release of an explosive new book about the White House from Washington Post associate editor Bob Woodward, President Trump threw his staff under the bus, complaining that they did not tell him that Woodward had requested an interview.

Woodward's paper, The Washington Post, obtained a copy of "Fear: Trump in the White House" ahead of its September 11 release and described it as "a harrowing portrait of the Trump presidency, based on in-depth interviews with administration officials and other principals".

Woodward quotes an exasperated Chief of Staff John Kelly doubting Trump's mental faculties, declaring during one meeting, "We're in Crazytown".

Mattis acted on his own to avoid Trump's demand to assassinate Bashar al-Assad after the Syrian leader attacked civilians with chemical weapons in April 2017.

The Post writes that the president dismissed the importance of a military presence in the Korean Peninsula following a National Security Council meeting in January.

"I wouldn't let him see it".

He is openly longing to fire Attorney General Jeff Sessions for failing to quash the Russian Federation investigation, even though Sessions has in every other respect done Trump's bidding to the letter. "Man versus man. Me versus Kim", the book quotes Trump as saying.

The coming release of Woodward's book, according to reports, has had the White House on edge for weeks.

In excerpts published Tuesday by The Washington Post and CNN, the veteran political reporter describes various scenes of dysfunction and abuse, with the president seemingly hating almost everyone working for him. "He's gone off the rails", Kelly was quoted in the book as saying. He's this dumb Southerner ...

Woodward reports that Dowd told Mueller he was not going to let the president "sit there and look like an idiot".

"I assume that means it's going to be a negative book", the president replies.

The Hill reported Tuesday that Woodward has written that the president lashed out at aides this year during a session to prepare him for an interview with special counsel Robert Mueller. In response, Mattis is straining the rules of how a defense secretary and the military treat a president, some of them also dating back to Washington. I'm committed to the President, his agenda, and our country.

President Donald Trump reportedly once became so enraged with Attorney General Jeff Sessions that he mocked his Southern accent and called him "mentally retarded". "Mr. President, I'm afraid I just can't help you".

The White House also released a statement attributed to Kelly in which he renewed his denial of ever calling Trump an "idiot". "I don't even know why any of us are here. It's either that or an orange jumpsuit".

Mr Woodward tells Mr Trump he had contacted multiple officials to attempt to interview him and was rebuffed.

'He couldn't even be a one-person country lawyer down in Alabama'. "He's an idiot", Kelly supposedly said.

Defense Secretary James Mattis and former economic advisor Gary Cohn are among aides actively circumventing Trump's orders and even stealing documents off his desk, according to Woodward. "But never once - never - did I think Woodward made it up", Mr Fleischer said.

The book ends with this sentence: "Trump had one overriding problem that Dowd knew but could not bring himself to say to the president: 'You're an f-ing liar'".

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