Tiger Woods calls Nike's Kaepernick campaign a 'beautiful spot'

Tiger Woods calls Nike's Kaepernick campaign a 'beautiful spot'

Tiger Woods calls Nike's Kaepernick campaign a 'beautiful spot'

"It's a handsome spot and pretty powerful people (are) in the spot".

On Thursday night, Colin Kaepernick had the pleasure of watching his inspiring Nike commercial air on primetime TV from the company's OR headquarters during the National Football League season kickoff.

Marci Linson, vice president for patriotic activities and dean of admissions, said that "Nike is free to campaign as it sees fit, as the college is free, and honor-bound by its mission and goals, to ensure that it respects our country and those who truly served and sacrificed". It also will run online across various music, gaming and entertainment platforms, Nike said.

In the face of such criticism, Nike has not yet reported any apology and is standing tall by the decision to make Colin Kaepernick the face of their marketing campaign. His "TW" logo has made him an embodiment of the brand.

The Nike, which Kaepernick narrates, features stories from athletes who overcame illness or disabilities.

"When corporate does things that are outside of golf and outside of my realm, that's what they do", Woods said.

Woods, the second most successful golfer ever with 14 major titles, has been careful throughout his career to avoid saying or doing anything that could be construed as political. "That's a cultural influence, and they're understanding that our community - the African American community - moves the culture, moves the thread when it comes to apparel, and that's standing behind a community that has put Nike in the position that it's in right now". "As an athlete of theirs, it's not my job to agree or disagree with whatever they do".

The ad was unleashed for the 30th anniversary of Nike's first Just Do It campaign and Nike also released ads featuring Serena Williams, NFL receiver Odell Beckham, Jr.

President Donald Trump has accused players taking part in the protest of disrespecting the anthem, and called for them to be sacked.

Trump has been critical of NFL players kneeling during the national anthem in the past.

But I think that Kaepernick's grievance against the league for colluding to keep him out, which is now going to a formal hearing, is a big deal, and one that will continue to keep the question of his unemployment under serious scrutiny.

Kaepernick has not played in the NFL since 2016, when he protested the treatment of minorities by police by first sitting, and later kneeling, during the national anthem.

Brooks Koepka, the PGA Championship victor and two-time U.S. Open champ, said the biggest victor might be the publicity sparked for Nike.

"I think it's a awful message that [Nike] are sending and the goal of them doing it, maybe there's a reason for them doing it".

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