'Game changing' Apple Watch Series 4 can detect potentially deadly falls

'Game changing' Apple Watch Series 4 can detect potentially deadly falls

'Game changing' Apple Watch Series 4 can detect potentially deadly falls

Apple has not announced every carrier that will offer the Series 4, but we expect it to be available on most major USA carriers including AT&T, T-Mobile, Verizon, and Sprint.

ECG support is finally here in Apple Watch Series 4.

Today, Apple unveiled all of its new devices for 2018.

While all that's well and good, events leading up to the keynote had one chatter cropping up quite often: will my current bands work with the new Series 4 model?

The crown is now haptic, and it's got a really nice click to it as you spin - it gives a really lovely feel as you're using it to go through the Watch 4 and feels far more like a mechanical device. The speaker has also been redesigned as it is 50 per cent louder compared to previous-generation Watch Series 3.

Apple's S4 chipset powers the Series 4, and includes a 64-bit dual-core processor which delivers up to twice the performance of previous chips.

Apple's new smartwatches would also feature automatic accident detection for the first time, Mr Williams said, and had been created to measure the difference between a user slipping, tripping, and falling. Despite the physical overhaul, Apple still managed to wedge in a battery that will remain consistent with the Series 3's 18 hours of usage on a charge. If the user is immobile for more than a minute after the notification, the watch can automatically call for help "and send a message along with location to emergency contacts", Apple says.

The watch has new heart-tracking features, like the ability to take an electrocardiogram, and a larger, almost edge-to-edge display.

An ECG can also be used to detect (FDA-approved) abnormal heart rhythms, cholesterol build ups, and other conditions before they lead to bigger concerns such as a heart attack. Following lots of spiel about how Apple Watch has "redefined what a watch can do for you", Apple announced that they are taking the Apple Watch "to the next level" by unveiling Apple Watch 4.

In addition to touting a screen 30 percent larger than ever before on the product line, the hardware also has improved health functions that allow it to perform a electrocardiogram. With a revamped accelerometer and gyroscope, Series 4 is "ideally suited" to identify both motions, Williams said. Apple says it can now measure up to 32g forces and is resistant against fall. There are also polished and space black versions available with stainless steel.

The leaked URLs also reveal the existence of Global Positioning System and cellular variants of the new watches, as well as Space Grey, Silver, and Gold Aluminium options. Pre-orders of the smartwatch starts on Friday Sept 14.

The iPhones come in three different colours: gold, silver and space grey and the device is the most dust and water resistant yet. The GPS, non-cellular 40mm versions start at $599; 44mm versions start at $649. All the bands that fit earlier Watches will fit the Series 4.

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