Bob Woodward’s Trump Book Sold 750,000 Copies on First Day of Publication

Bob Woodward’s Trump Book Sold 750,000 Copies on First Day of Publication

Bob Woodward’s Trump Book Sold 750,000 Copies on First Day of Publication

"I wouldn't have used it", Woodward added of the Times opinion column during his first televised interview about his 19th book, Fear: Trump in the White House, which is scheduled for release on September 11.

"He says these are all unnamed sources, but these are not unnamed instances", Woodward said on NBC.

When Colbert brought up the fact that some people in the Trump administration were portrayed as types of heroes, Woodward replied, "You get to know these people, and you realize they're speaking from conscience, because they are anxious about Trump doing things".

Woodward claimed that "the incidents are not anonymous" even if the sources were because he provided dates, times and "who participates - most often the president himself, and what he says". Woodward said when asked about situations involving former Trump lawyer John Dowd.

This, during a conversation on Afghanistan, during which Trump also said, according to Woodward, that Modi told him the United States had "gotten nothing out of Afghanistan".

Trump and several members of his administration were quoted have called the book "fiction and fabrication". Woodward said the president's staff tried to explain that this is a defensive measure. "You're wrong, '" Woodward said.

"Trump goes ballistic, makes things up, starts screaming", Woodward described of that mock interview, which led Dowd to tell Trump: "You can't testify".

In recent days, Trump has accused Woodward of making up quotes and mused about changing US libel laws in an effort to better position himself to seek "retribution". I would have been happy to correct them if Mr. "It's 1,000-percent correct.' And then this person has said some public things that contradict that", Woodward told the Times" Michael S. Schmidt.

"You look at the operation of this White House and you have to say, 'Let's hope to God we don't have a crisis'".

Woodward replied that these "political statements", denying the quotes in the book, were designed "to protect their jobs".

"I'm not, because I know what I did, and I'm not anxious about it", Trump Jr. said.

On CBS' "Face the Nation", Vice President Mike Pence dismissed Woodward's book. Dems can't stand losing. The Associated Press, a newswire, wrote an entire story on the three hugs Modi gave Trump. Woodward claimed to have snuck into Casey's hospital room and done the interview.

Just a day earlier, The Washington Post published excerpts from an upcoming book by famed Watergate reporter, Bob Woodward.

Porter said that suggesting materials from Trump's desk were "stolen" to prevent the president from taking action "misunderstands how the White House document review process works".

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