Google Inbox is being axed in favour of Gmail

Google Inbox is being axed in favour of Gmail

Google Inbox is being axed in favour of Gmail

There's a transition guide that includes a list of Inbox features that have arrived in Gmail, as well as alternative features that offer similar functionality.

Google launched the Inbox in 2014 as a standalone app to exist alongside the Gmail.

Well, in case you haven't noticed, numerous features that Inbox touted are now native in Gmail. Recently, Google updated its Gmail app with some new features. Inbox by Gmail, on the other hand, won't be shutting down until March 2019. The cross-platform app was created to clean up the mess of your Gmail inbox by categorizing mail by type such as social media notifications, promotional emails, spam, and your regular correspondence.

The search giant said Wednesday that it would "say goodbye" to Inbox at the end of March 2019.

Though not entirely unexpected, the announcement is disappointing, particularly to those who have been heavy Inbox users since its inception.

Today (very predictably, we would argue) Gmail product manager Matthew Izatt announced via a blog post that Google is sunsetting the more experimental Inbox app and bringing over things the company has learned to the main Gmail app. Luckily fans of Inbox still have Gmail to fall back on and won't have to lose numerous features that made them love Inbox. Inbox marked a clear departure from the aging design of Gmail, and focused on a mobile-first experience. Are you going to start using Gmail again or move over to another email client?

Google seemingly makes the case that Inbox fans shouldn't be upset because Gmail has already absorbed enough of what made Inbox special. Let us know in the comment section below.

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